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On The Run Network TV is dedicated in helping law enforcement find innovative ways to fight crime in their communities. They will do this by providing new technologies for detention facilities and local law enforcement officials within the community to communicate better towards this common goal.

On The Run will provide the local detention facility with sufficient hardware and software that will allow inmates to continuously view slides of jail policies/procedures, information regarding support agencies, reward details that will help aid in the capture of local/national felon fugitives, contacts for Attorneys and Bail Bondsmen.

Network Benefits

We would like to introduce you to the benefits of working closely with our company. Since we all have the same common goal of bringing down the crime rate in our community it was important to develop new and innovative technology by and for On The Run Network TV.

In House Network TV: This is the source for all the detention facility information on process and procedures, community agencies, reward details that will help aid in the capture of felon fugitives, bail bondsmen, and Attorneys.

The Software: The LCD screens and software will continuously run with the latest information 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our skilled designers can take your information and develop a cutting edge slide that will run on the TV screen for the inmates to view.

Continuous Donations: On The Run Network TV always wants to give back to the community that it is a part of by contributing to local Silent Observer/ Crime Stoppers reward programs. A percentage of advertizing revenue is contributed to Silent Observer/Crime Stoppers to help fund the local program because of the extra rewards given out for the capture of felon fugitives.

There Is No Cost Or Labor To The Detention Facility: We will do the work for you! Jails will receive free installation and setup. On The Run will install the LCD TV screens and monitor wanted suspects with no labor cost to the jails/county. The only obligation for the jail is for a law enforcement liaison in your area to provide up to date information regarding "felon fugitives" to a representative for On The Run Network TV.


Jails - 30 slides
Felon Fugitive - 50 slides
On The Run - 10 slides
Silent Observer/Crime Stoppers - 6 slides
Non Profits - 4 slides each

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